Rugby League

The RFL Council

The RFL Council is made up of the professional clubs and representatives of the Community Game.

The RFL Council is made up of all UK based professional clubs and 7 representatives of the Community Game (British Amateur Rugby League Association (BARLA); Combined Services Rugby League and representatives from Education rugby league settings; Higher Education rugby league settings; Tier Four Leagues; Tier Five and Tier Six Adult Leagues; and Tier Five Youth and Junior Leagues).

Each Member is entitled to attend and vote at all meetings of the Council and, in the case of Clubs, share in the profits of the RFL or any distribution of its funds and participate in RFL competitions.

Council Meetings must be held at least twice a year, with the Annual Council Meeting approving the accounts of the RFL, appointing/approving auditors and electing a Vice President and President.  Changes to the Articles of Association of the RFL can only be made upon a Special Resolution approved by 75% of voting Members.

The Articles contain provisions such that, irrespective of the number of Clubs in the Super League, the Championship and League 1, the votes of the Super League Clubs (on the one hand) and the votes of the Championship and League 1 Clubs (on the other hand) carry equal weight. In addition, any resolution must be passed by at least 4 Super League Members and at least 4 Championship or League 1 Members.

Meeting Documents