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Touch Rugby League

A great entry point to Rugby League that's open to everyone

What is Touch RL?

Touch RL is a minimal contact version of Rugby League. This variant is open to any aged player, with any fitness level or sporting ability. The main difference between Touch RL and the traditional sport is that tackles are made by a touch to the rugby ball, clothes or body of the ball carrier.

We think there is a better way to getting fit and active, burning calories, building muscle tone and having fun with your friends without having to be a member of a gym.

How to Play Touch RL?

Touch RL is available to all, with ideally 6-a-side games on a pitch dimension 70m X 50m. However, as little as 3-a-side games can take place, with adjustments to the pitch size. Games last 40 minutes (2 X 20-minute halves) and are mixed gender.

Tackles are made by a touch to the rugby ball, clothes or body of the ball carrier. The defender must raise their hand and shout ‘touch’ to claim the tackle.

Please see the full rule document at the bottom of this page for further details.

Where Can I Play?

Touch RL is an example of the fantastic community work undertaken by Community Clubs and Foundations. The work carried out by these clubs has driven the incredible growth of Social RL offers.

Contact the clubs or the RFL for more information on joining a specific team. Current clubs who run Touch RL activity:

  • Barrow Touch RL
  • Batley Bulldogs
  • Belvoir Road Bandits
  • Bradford Bulls
  • Birmingham
  • Castleford Tigers
  • Catterick Touch Rugby League
  • Catterick Crusaders
  • Cadishead Rhinos ARLFC
  • Chester Gladiators Touch
  • Eastern Rhinos
  • Eagle Rugby Club
  • Featherstone Rover Foundation
  • Huddersfield Giants Foundation
  • Hull FC
  • Leeds PTRL
  • Livewire Warrington Touch
  • London Scholars
  • Mirfield Free Grammar
  • Rochdale Hornets
  • Salford & Cadishead PTRL
  • Scarborough and Whitby
  • Scunthorpe
  • Sport Blackpool
  • St Helens Touch RL
  • Telford
  • Touch Rugby Kent
  • Wakefield Community Trust
  • Warrington Wolves - Broomsfield Hub
  • Warrington Wolves - Victoria Park
  • Warrington Wolves - Orford Jubilee Neighbourhood Hub
  • Warrington Wolves - Chester
  • Warrington Titans
  • West Cumbria
  • York Foundation

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