Master Rugby League

If you’re 35 or over, Masters is the game for you!

What is Masters RL?

Masters Rugby League is strictly a social version of the sport for players aged 35+ for Men’s Masters and 30+ for Women’s Masters. The aim is for enjoyment, fitness benefits and social aspects whilst players engage in a version of Rugby League modified for ‘the older player.’ The most important rule is "everyone has to buy a drink for their opposite number!”

The Spirit of Masters:

Masters is non-competitive

Masters does not welcome nor allow rough or over vigorous play

Masters is about enjoyment and having a good time – on and off the pitch!

There are no winners; no champions; no leagues; no cup finals

All games end in a 0-0 draw

Masters is strictly a social version of the sport and the rules are slightly modified to cater for the older player. There are no winners, no champions and no cup finals - Masters is about is all about the spirit of the game. The most important rule is: "everyone has to buy a drink for their opposite number!"

How to Play

The rules are slightly modified to cater for older players, where safety is paramount.

Games are 13 players a side, with up to 7 substitutes. Each player wears one of six different coloured shorts, depending on their age, which relates to different levels of contact. There is a mix of tackles from full-contact, limited contact, and non-contact. There are no conversions and no turnovers. The sixth tackle results in a scrum to the defending side.

Each game lasts 50 minutes (25 x 2 halves) on a 100m x 60/68m pitch, which can all be modified at festivals.

Teams are separated into men’s and women’s formats.

Please see the full rule document at the bottom of this page for further details.

Where Can I Play?

Masters RL is an example of the fantastic work undertaken by Community Clubs and organised by the Masters RL Management Group. The work carried out has driven the incredible growth of Men’s and Women’s teams.

If you would like to set up your own Masters RL team or want to play you can contact Masters RL on and please visit the Masters RL website for a list of current clubs.

Activity Throughout a Year

Regular team sessions are hosted by Clubs and Masters RL fixtures are played across the country with several Masters festivals organised each year. At festivals, all players will have the chance to play and as a team they will play different teams in a fun environment. There are also periodic opportunities to play for England and Great Britain Masters and to tour both in UK and further afield.

The exciting calendar of events for 2021 are currently being planned and will be confirmed in the near future.

Player Registration

The collection of data from each Social Rugby League offer is critical to measuring the impact of the activity and how it can be shaped to deliver the best possible experience for all. We have made it as quick and simple as possible for players to register. It will take no longer than a few minutes.

It is essential that every player must register via the below link specific to Masters RL players. New players and returning players can use the same link



Become a Masters Referee

Masters refereeing is a perfect way to keep involved with clubs and players if you are not able or inclined to join in as a player.

Email Paul Field


The Masters Rugby League Management Group:

Key Contact –

Martin Flynn - National Chair
Simon Moat - National Vice-Chair (Yorkshire & North East Chair)
Paul Field - Referee Lead & Treasurer
Ellen Lowrie - London and South Masters Chair
Paul Ogden - North West Chair
Ian Johnson - Cumbria Masters Chair
Kath Wilson - Women’s Masters Lead and Secretary
Nick Borras - Media
Carl Fowler - Health & Wellbeing