Rugby League


RESPECT is a game-wide campaign from the community level up to Super League, promoting positive environments for all participants in our sport and combatting any anti-social or discriminatory behaviours.

RESPECT is about making sure that everyone involved in Rugby League, particularly children and young people, have a positive and enjoyable experience. 

It's about treating others how you would wish to be treated and showing respect for teammates, opponents, match officials and the fans in the stands. RESPECT for each other makes Rugby League an even greater game.

The RESPECT campaign features Codes of Conduct for all participants, whether you are a player, match official, parent of a child playing, volunteer or watching from the sidelines. 

The campaign not only specifies expected behaviours from participants, but these are also tied to disciplinary procedures should action need to be taken for any unacceptable behaviour.

RESPECT isn't just part of our game, it is the game.