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BUCS Rules & Regulations

The BUCS University Rugby League competition is managed by BUCS on behalf of the RFL. 

For a full list of BUCS Competition rules and regulations and sports specific rules please click here

Registration/Match Day Process

Please refer to the University RL 2023 Registration Process document at the bottom of this page.

Match Officials

The RFL are responsible for appointing Match Officials. Appointments will be sent by Ryan Cox ( on a Friday and will include details of the following weeks fixtures. Upon receipt of that information the home team should make contact with the appointed Official by no later than Monday to confirm details of the match, such as the kick off time and venue. It will also be the responsibility of the home team to pay the Match Official. If there are any changes to fixtures, please ensure the appointed official, your opposition and the RFL are made aware.

Discipline Process

Any dismissals that arise will be dealt with by an RFL Disciplinary Panel. If you have a player dismissed you will receive a copy of the report and have 7 days to review and provide any written submissions you would like the Panel to consider when making their decision. Once they have made their decision we will communicate that with you. If you have any players that play club rugby for their community club they should also be aware that any suspension will carry over in to that environment.

Affiliation Fees

Invoices for affiliation fees will be issued by the RFL finance team. The deadline for making payment is the 16th October 2023 so please ensure payment is received by that point, as failure to do so may result in sanctions being issued by BUCS.


Insurance cover is provided via the RFL’s central policy and includes Public Liability, Personal Accident and Death by Natural Causes. Further details of what the policy covers can be found online here.

Please try to re-arrange postponed fixture as soon as possible after the original scheduled date.

If you leave a back log of postponed fixtures until the end of the season you will not have time to re-play them all and you may forfeit these games.

Your RFL Competition Administrator is Nathan Mayers (

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