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Resource Centre

Welcome to the Resource Centre - Below you'll find resources to help you in your role as a coach

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Websites & Online Resources/Tools

The following websites and online tools offer services which may help to support you in your coaching.
(Please note: by offering these links the RFL are not endorsing/recommending the products or content of these websites.)

Sports coach UK Resource Bank - searchable library of useful coaching resources

Teamer - private organisational and social platform to communicate with your team

Coach's Eye - coaching tool app which enables you to record and analyse your footage, add annotations/voiceover and share it with others

Coach Clean - anti-doping e-Learning programme for coaches

Sport Session Planner - allows coaches to create 3D session plans easily and can be stored for sharing

Dartfish - range of software for sports clubs providing notational analysis

Create Development - providers of some of the content in RFL's Level 1 Award

iCoachkids - where youth coaches meet, share and learn

Level 1 Resources

For many children Primary Rugby League is their first sporting experience, so ensuring these experiences are right for them is vital to offering the first step to a lifelong involvement with sport and physical activity.

Visit the Primary Rugby League website here:

CPD Resources

RFL Activity Bag

Everything you need to run a successful Rugby League session for young people. Includes: 6 hoops, 42 beanbags, 10 size 3 balls, 10 size 4 balls, 4 footballs, 10 tennis balls, 20 sash/bands and 50 marker cones.

RFL Skills Bag

As used on the Talent Pathway. Includes: 1 net ball bag, 6 tennis balls, 1 agility ball, 2 golf balls, 1 squash ball, 1 size 3 football, 1 juggling ball, 1 Reactaball, 1 Frisbee and 1 Vortex Howler.

RFL Kick Chase Activity Cards

This set of 14 laminated A5 session cards provides you with durable training tools. On one side, notes give you key information about the core skill. On the reverse, diagrams explain the practical drill to the players during the training session.

Multistage Fitness Test (Bleep Test)

The Multistage Fitness Test (also known as the 'bleep test') is now established as the most reliable and easy to use aerobic fitness test. Also, available as an app for the iPhone.

Almost 101 Small Sided Games and Relays for Rugby

Written by Damian McGrath, one of the most admired coaches in the country, it follows the hugely successful 101 Rugby Training Drills, officially the best selling rugby coaching book on the market.

Team First Aid Kit

The Team First Aid Kit is excellent value for money and a must have for any coach or teacher. Containing everything you could need to treat injuries on the field.

Strength and Conditioning for Sport: A Practical Guide for Coaches

This book lays out for you the basic principles underlying strength and conditioning and helps you follow specific guidelines to improve your athletes' performance.

Agility Marker Spots

This brightly coloured set of 6, flat disc non-skid rubber sport marker spots remove the risk of injury during indoor and outdoor running drills.

Coaching for Long-term Athlete Development

This book focuses on maximising player development to encourage a life-long commitment to sports. It takes you through all the practical applications of the LTAD model, helps you identify and develop talented athletes and integrate this approach into your coaching practice.

Marker Cones and Drill Set

Supplied in an easy stacking set of 20 marker cones. Comes with 10 fully illustrated drill cards packed with exercises and training ideas. Must-have equipment for sport coaches.

Positive Behaviour Management in Sport

This resource introduces you to the subject of positive behaviour management in sport. It helps you learn why unwanted behaviour occurs and how to deal with situations as they arise.

Clive Brewer Strength and Conditioning Poster Set

A unique set of 10 x A2 coaching posters, compiled by renowned expert Clive Brewer, covering all major strength and conditioning techniques.

Equity in Your Coaching

Everyone involved has a responsibility to improve equality standards for sport. As a coach, you have an important role to play. Full guidance on best practice is given in this book.

Space Markers

Sets of 50, high quality, 8 inches in diameter, flexible plastic throw down space markers that pop back into shape - even after being stood on! The sets are supplied on a handle in five different colours.

Coaching Route Map

Coaching Roadmap

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