Rugby League


21 Mar 2023

Rugby Football League supports Muslim communities and players ahead of Ramadan

Rugby Football League supports Muslim communities and players ahead of Ramadan

The Rugby Football League is once again committing to support Muslim communities and players as the Islamic month of Ramadan begins. 

After becoming English sport's first national governing body to sign the Muslim Athlete Charter in 2022, the RFL has been working in partnership with Nujum Sports this Ramadan to make Rugby League an inclusive environment for all.

The support includes educational Ramadan Workshops and the delivery of gift boxes to players, coaching staff and match officials which include expert nutritional advice and items significant to the Islamic faith.

Nujum Sports is a London-based not-for-profit organisation that aims to support Muslim athletes flourish and fulfil their potential.

Clubs and staff from across the RFL were invited to workshops to learn about Ramadan and develop an understanding of the needs of Muslims in Rugby League. The sessions also contained insight from special guests Ikram Butt and Junaid Malik.  

Both former players discussed their own personal experiences of Islam in Rugby League and shared stories of Ramadan and fasting during their careers. 

Ikram Butt was the first Muslim to represent England at International level and is now Chair of the British Asian Rugby Association. He says:

“It was fantastic to be part of the workshops and I am really proud that the RFL is being proactive and reaching out to offer support to the Muslim community ahead of Ramadan.

“Ramadan falls right in the middle of the playing season this year so we need to make sure all Muslim players and staff feel supported, and the workshops and gift boxes will certainly do that. 

“It is these kinds of gestures that will make the Muslim community feel like they belong in Rugby League and making the sport more inclusive as a whole will benefit everyone in the long run.”

Nujum Sports recently hosted a Ramadan pack launch event in London to present Muslim athletes with their gift boxes, including London Broncos player Iliess Macani, who’s shared his experiences of Ramadan in Rugby League with Nujum Sports which will be released later this week.