The WADA Code aims to harmonise anti-doping rules and regulation across all sports in all countries. The RFL’s Anti-Doping Regulations have been fully WADA Code Compliant since 2005.

The following are Anti-Doping Rule Violations under the RFL’s Anti-Doping Regulations:

1. The presence of a prohibited substance in a player’s bodily sample

2. Use or attempted use of a prohibited substance or a prohibited method

3. Refusing to comply with a request to provide a sample or otherwise evading sample collection

4. Failure to provide required whereabouts information and missed tests

5. Tampering or attempting to tamper with any part of the doping control process

6. Possession of prohibited substances and methods

7. Trafficking of prohibited substances or methods

8. Administration or attempted administration of a prohibited substance or prohibited method to any player, or assisting, encouraging, aiding, abetting, covering up or any other type of complicity involving an anti-doping rule violation.

9. Complicity – which means involvement in an ADRV committed by another person, such as helping to cover up an ADRV or helping a player avoid detection. Sanctions for Complicity are likely to be the same as the sanction for the ADRV that person was complicit in.

10. Prohibited Association – which means associating with a person, for example a coach or Doctor, who has been found guilty of a criminal or disciplinary offence equivalent to a doping offence, for example providing banned substances. The sanction for Prohibited Association is up to a 2-year ban.


The RFL Anti-Doping Regulations can be found in section D3 of the Tiers 1-3 Operational Rules

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