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Which Matches Can I Watch?

2020 Season Card holders can watch your club's remaining home and away league matches in August 2020, free of charge.

I Am A 2020 Season Card Holder. How Do I Redeem My Subscription?

All clubs 2020 Season Card holders will be sent a code which can be redeemed to watch via Our League.

Most will be sent this code via the email address given when purchasing their Season Card. These emails will be distributed by your supported club prior to your clubs supported first August fixture.

If your Season Card was purchased by someone else on your behalf using their email address, they will also receive the email code on your behalf.

For the small number of supporters who do not have not registered email address on their ticketing account, please contact your club with an up to date email address.

Each code can only be used only once, and will allow streaming access to all home and away league matches of your supported club through August 2020.

You will need a free Our League account to redeem the code. For more info on how to set up, please see the ‘Do I Need an Account’ section below.


To redeem your code

1.     Ensure you are logged into your Our League account, or create one if you don't already have one.

2.    Head to the Live Stream section.

3.     At the top of the page, click on ‘Redeem your Season Ticket Voucher Code Here.

4.     You should now have been redirected to the code redemption site.

5.     Enter your code in the box which you have received from your club.

6.     You will receive a ‘Success’ message once your code is entered.

7.     You can now watch home and away games for your club via the Our League app on the 'videos' section of the app home page, or via the website.


**You cannot redeem your code via the Our League app. It must be redeemed via the steps above***

For more advice please email

I Am A Non-Season Card Holder. How Do I Buy A Subscription?

At this time, passes are only available to Season Ticket Holders and only valid for your club supported matches.

Do I Need an Account?

All supporters will require a free Our League account to use our Matchday LIVE streaming service.

Many fans will already have an Our League Account set up, which can be used to log-in seamlessly between our website and app.

You can set up your account for free - it requires only a valid email address and a few minutes to set up.

Set up your free Our League account

How Can I Watch?

Our League membership is accessible on desktop and mobile devices. You can view via the Our League app on the 'videos' section of the app home page, or via the website.

If you are accessing the match stream on a mobile device such as a smartphone or tablet, we strongly recommend that you do so via the Our League Official App ensuring that your App is updated to the latest version.

Download the Our League Official App here:

Apple users can download the Our League Official app from the App Store

Android users can download the Our League Official app from Google Play

For our recommended settings and system operators, see below:

The RFL recommends members use the following operating systems and browsers which are fully supported for live content.

This will ensure you enjoy the best experience when live streaming video or listening to live audio commentary.

We cannot guarantee that live video streaming or live audio commentary will work effectively on any other combinations and advise you to check your set-up meets the below criteria.



Operating systems: Microsoft® Windows® XP SP3 (32-bit), Windows Vista® (32-bit), Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and later new Windows releases

Browsers: the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome


Operating systems: Mac OS X v10.12 Sierra, or later

Browsers: the latest versions of Safari, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

Please note: supporters who have upgraded to the latest version of OS X (Mojave) or have otherwise upgraded to Safari 12may have issues with live content in Safari – please use latest versions of Firefox and Chrome in this case. Internet Explorer and Opera are not supported.

Mobile Devices

Please note that, in line with RFL regulations, supporters must use the Our League Official App to watch live match streams.


Operating systems: 19+ (Kitkat 4.4 and above)

Apple iPhone and iPad

Operating systems: the latest two iOS versions (currently 12 and 13)

For more advice, please email

Can I Watch the Full Match afterwards?

After a match has been played, you can find full match replays in the following days via our main website or via the Our League app. The replay will only be available to season card holders for their home and away matches throughout August 2020. The code used to validate your stream will give you automatic access to replay of these matches.

Which Devices/Browsers Does The Streaming Work On?

Live video streams can be accessed across desktop, tablet and mobile devices with up-to-date browsers or via the official Our League app on mobile or tablet.

If you are unsure whether your technology will be supported, please contact with your device and browser details. Your browser should be one of the latest versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

Internet Explorer and Opera are not supported for Live Video.

You can check if your browser is the most up to date version below:

Google Chrome (recommended)


Mozilla Firefox

Safari – make sure your iOS device is up to date and no software updates need to be completed

Still having issues? Please email support at

Can I Cast the Match onto my TV?

As part of our ongoing improvement of the Our League app, users can now cast their screen onto their TV via series of casting devices/Smart TV functionality.

For more information on how to do this, click here.