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Limited Contact Rugby League

Welcome to X-League

X-League (Cross-League) is a small-sided game, played on a smaller than full sized pitch (usually 7-a-side, 40mx60m approx). The key difference between X-League and other variants is that the Tackle is affected by making a touch on the ball.

X-League Rules

The game plays like Rugby League, with a few exceptions: 5M onside, 1 marker(optional). All defenders cannot advance until the dummy half has picked up the ball. All errors, even loose passes, result in a Zero-Tackle turnover.

A try is scored by placing the ball down over the opponents try line without the ball being touched. Or by touching both feet into the in-goal area before the ball has been touched by a defender

Kicking is allowed with no restrictions, however the defence has the advantage of a 'Free Catch' which means Kicks have to be accurate.

X-League Rule 11.7 “Free Catch Rule” If a kick is not successfully caught, but touched by the hand of a player on the non-kicking team, it is deemed to have been ‘defused’ and a turnover will occur where it was touched.

How much contact is allowed?

Contact, whilst allowed, is limited. Players on attack and defense have a duty of care to ensure safety of their opposition player.

X-League Rule 6.1 : All players, either attacking or defending, may not deliberately attempt to change the momentum of an opponent, by barging, pulling or pushing’.

Refereeing and Social Inclusivity

X-League has two modes of refereeing. In a competitive situation, it can be controlled by a single referee. In a social setting 'Captains' agreement' is the preferred method of arbitration.

X-League Rule 17.2. ‘Captains agreement’ means that a player from each team sets the on-side and calls out the tackle count, and decides any miss-handling errors or infringements. If captains cannot agree on a decision the dispute will be referred to vice captain of each team on alternate occasions.

If some players are not willing or able to make and take the standard X-League tackle, (e.g. Novice players, Female players, older masters players, Physical disability players) they can still play under the adapted rules. This means that any touch by them on the ball carrier counts as a tackle, and that when in possession they must be touch-tackled by 2 different players, the first defender cannot grab or hold onto the 'adapted rules' player.

Where can I play?

The RFL and X-League steering group are looking to expand the reach of the game nationally, please contact us to get involved.