Hull  0-0 Wolves

Lions  6-36 Rovers FT

Whitehaven  4-0 Thunder

Bulls  17:15 Halifax

Knights  19:30 Eagles


As RL expands more countries are looking for visiting teams from the UK

Touring events can prove to be great cultural experiences and as well as making lasting contacts and friendships, going on tour will also help support the development of the game in the host country.

Touring countries and overseas associations looking for regular touring sides include: France, Ireland, Jamaica, Lebanon, Russia, Scotland, Serbia, South Africa, Ukraine, Wales, Canada Czech Republic, Greece, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Belgium, Demark, Germany, Ghana, Hungary, Morocco, Netherlands, Nigeria, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, Trinidad & Tobago, United Arab Emirates.

It is important to carefully consider the aim of your tour. Will it be for development, as an opportunity to try new things in a different environment, or solely for fun and relaxation?

You must also consider the most appropriate timing for your tour and the destination, always keeping your overall aim in mind.

When planning a tour approval must be obtained in advance. If you’re planning a tour for children, it is essential that you read our Touring with Children Guide and the RFL Safeguarding Policy.

Applying for permission to tour overseas (Clubs)

  1. Download the Overseas Tour Application Form HERE.
  2. Fully complete this form. You will need to obtain approval from the Overseas NGB you are visiting. 
  3. Submit the form to the RFL
  4. Clubs that are affiliated to the RFL will be insured by the RFL’s insurance policies for rugby league activity whilst on tour, providing that the RFL have knowledge of the tour and your insurance premiums are up to date. Please note that this insurance does not cover temporary injury, loss of earnings, medical and legal expenses or any other type of injury not mentioned in the policy. 

Applying for permission to tour overseas (Organisations)

All organisations and members of organisations who intend to arrange an international match or international exchange must complete and return Overseas Tour Application Form to no less than six months prior to the intended tour date.

The Community Board International Group are responsible for agreeing and sanctioning all Tours. 

  • English Lions
  • English Lions Youth
  • Lionhearts
  • University & College RL
  • GB Police
  • GB Teachers
  • GB Armed Forces
  • Royal Navy
  • Royal Air Force
  • The Army
  • England Women
  • England Wheelchair
  • BARLA Rep Teams


Tour Checklist


  • Itinerary
  • Consent forms including medical and disability record
  • Luggage 
  • Cost to participants 
  • Codes of Conduct while on Tour DBS’S as needed for supervising adults 
  • Communication with Parents
  • Ratios of staff to children (minimum of two adults at all times without exception and never one on one) 
  • Roles and responsibilities e.g. Tour manager and Supervisionrota 
  • Club Home Contact (person appointed from club to deal with emergencies)
  • Overnight arrangements 
  • Risk Assessment carried out and actions completed (possibly more than once)
  • Transport /Forms of transport 
  • Supervision Accommodation and Room Allocation 
  • Catering on Arrival
  • Emergency Procedures First Aid & Physio provision Local medical services/hospital Incident reporting National Emergency numbers British Embassy contact details (if travelling abroad) Insurance - Travel Insurance, Personal accident Travelling Abroad
  • Medical issues Vaccinations


For more information, contact the RFL Community Game Competition Delivery Team by e-mail: