Rugby League

Values, Vision & Mission

When creating the strategic plan Clubs should consider what is their core purpose, or even just how the Club wishes to be known. Some Clubs prefer to move beyond a simple statement that summarises their purpose, and establish a vision, mission, and core values.  

Core Values  

Core values are the guiding principles which apply across the Club and underpin how its work is conducted. The values of a Club are basic beliefs about what really matters to the individuals at the Club and what binds them together. They should guide how things are done across the whole Club. The values of a Club can form a key building block to creating a strategic plan.  

The RFL Values

Vision & Mission Statements


It is important that you have a single shared vision for the Club that everyone is aware of and working towards. This enables everyone to see the common goal for the Club. A vision is the long-term change the Club would like to see if its work is successful. It should motivate and enable individuals to see how their effort contributes to an overall inspirational purpose. It is a clear and inspirational hope for the future and is often about the effect your Club will have on the external world and environment if it is successful. 

RFL's Vision 
A growing, accessible and vibrant sport

Once you have agreed a vision for the Club you can then look at defining the mission of your Club. The mission statement should clearly define the purpose of the Club. It is a short, formal statement about what the Club aims to do and why it is trying to do it. It is the reason the Club exists and helps to keep everyone focused. It is what the Club will do to make its vision a reality, or to move closer toward achieving its vision.

RFL's Mission 
To consistently deliver great Rugby League experiences