Rugby League


The Management Group should set standards for the rest of the Club to follow. Obviously, as set out earlier, the Club should ensure that members follow the Club’s policy on betting, anti-corruption, and anti-doping.  

The Management Group should ensure that its members always act in the best interests of the Club and the sport. Conflicts of interest should be recorded for all members at all meetings. They should be mindful that it is the wider membership that decides upon the strategy and direction of travel for the Club, and the Management Group put simply are the current people managing that on a day-to-day basis. 

The Management Group should consider the implementation of a Code of Conduct or Volunteer Agreements that include the standards and behaviours expected of its members.

The key aspects to this are:

1. Promoting the reputation of the organisation. 

2. Adhering to the values of the organisation. 

3. Ensuring the perception of the Club within the community is ethical and in accordance with the values. 

4. Ensuring it manages conflicts of interest and does not allow outside interference on decision making.