Where Are We?

Rugby League is slowly but surely returning to normality, but the pandemic continues to affect the community game at all levels. We should be concerned about the threat of Covid-19 within our communities, and in particular the risk of an outbreak within our teams and clubs.

We aim to see a return to normal activity, across the whole game, as soon as possible.

There is a government-approved action plan for a gradual return to full contact, competitive rugby league at all levels. The plan has several phases, and progression through the phases depends on the successful completion of each phase. The action plan is, at all times, subject to the law, national and local government guidance, and the advice of the RFL’s Clinical Advisory Group.  

Before the announcement of a second national lockdown, we arrived at stage 4 of the plan - this is now on hold until the New Year.

There will be no return to a structured league competition until April 2021 at the earliest with matches scheduled to resume late January 2021.




With the community game on pause due to lockdown, we've created a full suite of online resources for players of all abilities to utilise at home. With activities avaiable for all ranges below, everyone can stay active with #VirtualRL.




As part of our onlne resource for everyone to stay active, we've developed more of the popular 'Virtual Gameday' programmes to allow clubs to keep up their Rugby League activities safely, whilst adhering to government guidelines. Below you'll find free resources listed by age range - why not try it out with your team today?



  • 10 August: Restart of larger group, non-contact, ‘opposed’ activity, including Touch and Try Tag
  • 31 August: RFL reviews activity ahead of proposed return to contact Rugby League training during September
  • 28 September: ‘Controlled contact’ training permitted for all age groups
  • 17 October- 4 November: Youth and junior clubs allowed up to four playing opportunities at fortnightly intervals (with some rule amendments)
  • 5 November onwards - National Lockdown, all activity cancelled
  • January 2021: Possible pre-season friendlies commence 
  • April 2021: Community Game Leagues restart