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Wakefield Trinity

4 Oct 2022

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation hosts Trinity Under the Stars

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation hosts Trinity Under the Stars

Wakefield Trinity Community Foundation has teamed up with Wakefield Street Kitchen, Helping the Homeless Wakefield, Morrisons and XBM Ltd to host ‘Trinity Under the Stars.’

According to Government statistics, 146 households between October and December were found to be homeless in Wakefield as of last year, which is a rise from 92 in 2019 in the same period.

However, using the brand of Wakefield Trinity and working with our official sponsors, managed print and sustainable office technology provider, XBM Ltd, we would like to raise awareness of these issues as we organise ‘Trinity Under the Stars.’

The event invites participants to spend a night in the Be Well Support Stadium, pitting their wits against the cold weather to see how the homeless actually spend their days and nights.

Starting at 7pm on Friday, 11th November 2022, we will be inviting guest speakers (both first-team and past players) and organising group quizzes, whilst enjoying soup and sandwiches courtesy of Wakefield Street Kitchen and Morrisons before sleeping in the cold concourses of Belle Vue Stadium.

All money raised will go towards both the Foundation to support the continuation of our projects as we aim to benefit the lives of those from five all the way to 95, and a substantial amount being put towards Helping the Homeless Wakefield and their bid to help get people off the street.

Alongside this, we are asking people to bring along any tinned or dried food they may have spare as well as old clothes, which will all be donated to Wakefield Street Kitchen.

Sponsorship is set at £100 per person, with a prize being awarded to the person who raises the most before the evening.

Speaking on the importance of the event, Foundation Media & Commercial Executive, William Moore, said, “As a Foundation & Club, we are really proud to use the Wakefield Trinity brand to support those in need over the cold winter months.

“Partnering with XBM Ltd, Wakefield Street Kitchen, Helping the Homeless Wakefield and Morrisons will give us the reach needed to truly make people aware of the issues going on in and around the district.

“I can’t thank all of our partners and participants who have signed up so far.”

To sign up to Trinity Under the Stars, please click HERE, or for more information, please email