Learning Disability RL

No individual is excluded from accessing Rugby League

What is LDRL

Learning Disability Rugby League (LDRL) is a variant of the game developed to ensure people with a learning disability can access and enjoy playing the game of Rugby League. This accessible offer is open to any individuals who have a learning disability or an associated condition.

The emphasis in LDRL is on enjoyment, it is generally non-competitive and completely inclusive. The activities are delivered with a view to developing the participants skills and confidence while providing new challenges and opportunities.

This format was born out of Physical Disability Rugby League in 2018. It was created to meet the diverse requirements of Rugby League players with disabilities, ensuring no individual is excluded from accessing Rugby League and to provide a team-sport experience to those who previously would not have had such an opportunity. The LDRL game has progressed greatly and now has a headline offer that offers memorable opportunities for its participants.

How to Play

  • LDRL is played on a quarter-pitch with seven-a-side teams. The games are non-contact and generally follow Tag RL rules.
  • Teams are allowed 2 non-disabled players, who play as facilitators, to ensure the match is both free-flowing and well-balanced. 
  • Each game lasts 40 minutes (20 x 2 halves) on a 35m x 50m pitch, which can all be modified at festivals.  
  • Please see the full rule document at the bottom of this page.

Where Can I Play

LDRL is an example of the fantastic community work undertaken by the Club Foundations. The work carried out by these foundations has driven the incredible growth of all Disability Rugby League formats. 

Prospective players can contact the Foundations or the RFL for more information on joining a specific team. Current Foundations who run LDRL activity:

Activity Throughout a Year

In a typical year for an LDRL player, regular fun training sessions are held by Foundations, with an aim to play and develop Rugby League skills but also wider social outcomes. 

All LDRL teams are invited to join the Learning Disability Super League. The Rugby Football League (RFL) and Super League (Europe) have partnered with the national social care charity Community Integrated Care to form a ground-breaking inclusive sports programme for people with learning disabilities and autism.

The 'Community Integrated Care Learning Disability Super League' gives people with learning disabilities the opportunity to play an adapted version of Rugby League, in a series of high-profile festivals and events. The programme aims to promote the development of skills, confidence and positive experiences for people with learning disabilities, and make a major statement about social inclusion.

This is a world-first initiative as a professional sports league shares its brand with a learning disability sports programme. The programme launched at the Betfred Super League's Dacia Magic Weekend event at Anfield Stadium, Liverpool, May 2019. This provided one of the world's biggest-ever crowds for a learning disability sport event.

Community Integrated Care is one of Britain's biggest and most successful social care charities, supporting over 3500 people who have learning disabilities, autism, mental health conditions and dementia across England and Scotland.

The charity has developed several pioneering sports and social care programmes, including initiatives with leading Rugby League clubs that have been recognised at the National Dementia Care Awards, 3rd Sector Care Awards and the Great British Care Awards.

The LDRL activity is part of a wider strategic partnership between Community Integrated Care, the Super League and the RFL, which aims to develop and enhance the community programmes provided by the sport to people with care and support needs. As the Official Social Care Partner of the sport, the charity will be leading the development of a range of programmes that will use Rugby League to transform the lives of people who require care and support.

The Community Integrated Care Learning Disability Super League is entirely inclusive and welcomes all players, regardless of skill or experience. It provides exciting and unforgettable, incredible experiences for players.

Match centre

The exciting calendar of events for 2021 has now been confirmed and is available below.

Player Registration

The collection of data from each Inclusion Rugby League offer is critical to measuring the impact of the activity and how it can be shaped to deliver the best possible experience for all. We have made it as quick and simple as possible for players to register, so it would take no longer than a few minutes. 

It is essential that every player must register via the below link specific to LDRL players. New players and returning players can use the same link.

Click Here

Exciting Resources

There are several current activities available for players to keep active and engaged in Rugby League safely.

Key Contacts

The LDRL Management Group:

  • John Hughes - Community Integrated Care Rep 
  • Craig Thomason - Club Foundation Rep 
  • Faye Gaskin - Player Rep 
  • Katarina Graham - Super League Rep 
  • Chris Godfrey - RFL Rep 
  • Tom Brindle - RFL Rep 
  • Ashleigh Seddon - RFL Rep

Community Integrated Care