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Learning Disability RL

No individual is excluded from accessing Rugby League

What is LDRL?

Learning Disability Rugby League (LDRL) is a variant of the game developed to ensure people with a learning disability can access and enjoy playing the game of Rugby League. This accessible offer is open to any individuals who have a learning disability or an associated condition.

The emphasis in LDRL is on enjoyment, it is generally non-competitive and completely inclusive. The activities are delivered with a view to developing the participants skills and confidence while providing new challenges and opportunities.

This format was born out of Physical Disability Rugby League in 2018. It was created to meet the diverse requirements of Rugby League players with disabilities, ensuring no individual is excluded from accessing Rugby League and to provide a team-sport experience to those who previously would not have had such an opportunity. The LDRL game has progressed greatly and now has a headline offer that offers memorable opportunities for its participants.

How to Play

  • LDRL is played on a quarter-pitch with seven-a-side teams. The games are non-contact and generally follow Tag RL rules.
  • Teams are allowed 2 non-disabled players, who play as facilitators, to ensure the match is both free-flowing and well-balanced. 
  • Each game lasts 40 minutes (20 x 2 halves) on a 35m x 50m pitch, which can all be modified at festivals.  

Where Can I Play?

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