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The aim of the 12 to18 Review is to identify and address challenges and barriers to supporting as many 12-18 year olds as possible to start, stay and succeed in Rugby League. The drop-off within these age groups significantly reduces the size of the player pool available to the wider game. We all know that too many young people leave Rugby League when they could progress to the level that is right for them as well as enjoying all the wider physical fitness and mental wellbeing benefits associated with team sport.

The 12 to 18 Review is by the game, for the game, and needs everyone in the game.

Aims of the 12 to 18 Review: 

  • To look at the evidence-based changes that may be needed to support more and better players within the U12-U18 age groups to grow the sport
  • To build upon the Player Production and Youth Development Policy 2014 which recommended changes to the competition framework to the development of young players.
  • To have a positive and connected pathway - from children of primary school age through playing in community clubs or schools, colleges and into professional academies. 
  • To have more and better players at these key age groups ultimately producing players that excel at domestic and international competitions and are supported and fulfilled in the sport.
  • To consider whether changes are needed to playing offers to ensure all children and young people who want to can play on a more regular and frequent basis, develop their individual skills and reach their potential.
  • To reflect as a sport on whether the competition structures are fully child focussed and player-centric.
  • To reflect as a sport how environments impact on children and young people starting, staying and succeeding in the sport – both coaching and facilities.

There is a huge focus on players and their views. As players are registered with the national governing body we have a massive opportunity as sport to help as many players as possible share their views.

12-18 Review: ‘Your Game, Your Say’ 

We all care about the sport. We love it. 

12-18-year-old players are the future of Rugby League. The 12-18 Review is all about them.

To give everyone involved in the sport an opportunity to shape the future of the game for young players. So that everyone in the sport can take actions where needed and innovate to make it easier for more young players to stay and succeed in the sport.

So that all young people enjoy their Rugby League in competitions and environments that are right for them.

The review is by the sport, for the sport. It is facilitated by the Rugby Football League on behalf of all the member clubs at all levels.

It’s one of the largest consultations ever undertaken in the sport. Be part of it. Please complete the consultation. You are also welcome to email

It’s your game, your say. 

Players. Former Players. Parents. Coaches. Volunteers. Teachers. Lecturers. Referees.

League Administrators. Professional Club leaders. Talent system leaders. Community Club leaders.

Rugby League Foundation colleagues.