Hull  20-10 Warriors FT

Tigers  19-18 Red Devils FT

Oldham  4-36 Whitehaven FT

Skolars  24-44 Crusaders FT

Parents & Carers

As a parent this is what your child can expect from Rugby League:

-        A safe, friendly and enjoyable environment for all children and young people

-        Fun and a sense of achievement

-        Encouragement of a healthy lifestyle

-        Skills such as leadership, confidence and self-esteem


What can parents expect from the club?

-        All coaches should be qualified and have a current DBS through the RFL

-        There should be a Club Welfare Officer

-        Clubs should monitor their coaches to make sure their behaviour is good at all times

-        There should be a first aider at all games

-        Coaches must abide by the concussion protocols and take any player who has a bang to the head off permanently


What can the club expect from parents?

-        Respect the match officials’ decisions at all times – remember the match officials are often children themselves

-        Never ridicule or scorn a player for making mistakes

-        Positive cheering that encourages players in both teams

-        Never get involved in taunting or intimidating the opposite team, spectators or match officials


How to Report a Concern


The RFL and clubs have a range of policies and procedures in place to help keep your child safe and happy in rugby league.  On the rare occasions that there are problems you can be assured that the RFL and club will take any allegations of abuse or poor practice seriously.  Reporting a concern is everybody’s responsibility.

If you have any concern about the welfare of your child or any other child at the club you should first talk to the Club Welfare Officer (CWO).

If the CWO cannot or has not dealt with your concern or the concern is about the CWO then contact the RFL Safeguarding team at – you can also contact the NSPCC helpline 0808 800 5000.