Rhinos  19:45 Warriors

Listening Club

Checklist for meeting with players

- An appropriate mixture of ages

- A suitable room away from coaches, committee, and other players

- Permission from parents to take part/photograph taken

- Paper for recording responses, Post It Notes for players to write down points/ideas

- Print off the template question sheet or use paper

- Fill in the feedback form and send to Colette Eden by posting or emailing


Begin the session by explaining what you are doing and assuring the group that what they say will be grouped together and their responses will remain confidential. Explain how it will work and how long they will be there (no more than one hour). Stress the importance of their contributions to the improvement of their team and club. Make sure that you give positive replies to the contributions made to encourage the players to speak freely with confidence.


Click here to view and print the feedback form  

Click here to view the Listening Club PowerPoint slides 

Click here to view and print the template question sheet