Ways to Play

Ways to Play

Everyone in Rugby League wants the number of players and supporters to grow, and to be open to everyone.

Across the sport, schools, clubs, coaches, volunteers and the RFL are working hard to grow the opportunities to play for children, young people and adults with disabilities.

With sensible modifications if required, Rugby League and Touch Rugby League can be enjoyed by mixed ability groups of all ages.

Wheelchair Rugby League a fully integrated sport.

It is played by players with disabilities, including wheelchair users, and non-disabled players.

The RFL provides signposting, information and training on inclusion and the Equality and Diversity team is here to help any teacher, coach, club, parent or player.

In addition to the resources provided by our equity partner organisations in sport, check out the Support section.

If playing Rugby League isn’t for you or your family member, there are plenty of other ways to enjoy being close to the game. Volunteering opportunities with local Rugby League clubs or the RFL are open to all.

The national organisation for wheelchair sport in the UK.

Dwarf Sports Association
Promotes grassroots participation from the age of two.

Cerebral Palsy Sport
A leading national disability sports organisation, supporting people with cerebral palsy to reach their sporting potential.

Izzy’s Busy
A small charity educating the public and professionals about cerebral palsy; supported by a number of RL clubs and players.