Statement of Intent, Strategy & Gender Pay Gap Report

Statement of Intent

As the National Governing Body for the sport of Rugby League, we exist to govern, protect and promote the sport.

We recognise that the best ideas for Rugby League can come from anyone and that diversity in teams, and within organisations, is proven to contribute to enhanced performance and commercial success.

We aim to encourage and support diversity and inclusion in all we do as an employer and a partner organisation.

We want to ensure that we are supporting the best ideas and the most talented innovators within sport.

The Rugby Football League is a mature, values-led organisation and now is the right time to formalise the principles of diversity and inclusion by which we will strive to work and to examine where there are further opportunities for us to improve working practices, both internal and external, to fully reflect our aims and values.

New strategy

We published a new strategy and action plan for Diversity and Inclusion in Summer 2017.

As a National Governing Body, we are improving our data collection so we can build a better understanding of who all our customers are.

We are an active supporter of Sporting Equals and we will build on this relationship and take expert advice to use best in sector approaches to recruitment, retention and promotion.

We will ensure that the Rugby Football League continues to make evidence-based decisions about future activity. We are building on strong work to date but also recognise that the new Code for Sports Governance drives new standards, which we embrace.


The new strategy will be informed by research and we will use this to inform future actions.

We are reviewing our processes for recruitment and exploring where there are ways to improve diversity. We will not engage in positive discrimination, but seek to support the best opportunities and the very best candidates.

Our focus will be to identify underrepresented groups in Rugby League and to encourage them to come forward to engage in our sport at all levels; seeking to understand any specific barriers that might exist and helping interested parties to overcome them.

We will champion diversity in our communications and outreach activity by building on the momentum gathered and lessons learned from a strong tradition of diversity and inclusion campaigning in Rugby League and recent work other sports, and in other sectors.


As a leading sports employer, we will review the impacts of activities initiated to encourage diversity and inclusion to date; identify steps to ensure that our values and the principles in the New Code for Sports Governance are embedded in our recruitment, training and working practices.

Where appropriate and possible, we will develop preferred scenarios for increased diversity and inclusion across the organisation and governance structures including the Board, the Council, the Community

Board and the management groups which support and service the sport. The new strategy will include options for future action, looking at all of the protected characteristics under the Equality Act 2014 and other groups who are underrepresented in Rugby League.

We will make decisions on where to focus our efforts based on where the available evidence shows us we can make the most difference for the benefit of the whole sport.

Equality & Diversity Action Plan

The RFL’s Equality and Diversity plan has been approved and adopted by the RFL Board. As part of this the Board has adopted a target of a minimum of 30% of each gender on the Board and is committed to achieving gender parity and diversity within the RFL and across the sport. 

The Equality and Diversity Plan details the work being carried out by the RFL to foster all aspects of diversity within the Governing body and the sport. The RFL is committed to regularly updating the plan to demonstrate progress against the targets.

The Rugby Football League Gender Pay Gap Report 2018

In accordance with the Gender Pay Gap Regulations 2017, companies with over 250 employees have to publish their findings in relation to Gender Pay.

Although the RFL has less than this number of employees, it has been agreed by the RFL Board that we will publish our Gender Pay gap report for 2018.

The report - based on employee salaries as at April 2017 - is attached below and on the Government’s Gender Pay service website.

If you have any queries in relation to this please contact David Connor, Director of People and Remuneration for the Rugby Football League, at


If you have any queries in relation to this please contact David Connor, Director of People and Remuneration for the Rugby Football League, at