Yorkshire Juniors

Postponements U15s

25/2/19 Sheffield Hawks Fryston 3/3/19 Lack of players due to Union
25/2/19 Heworth Normanton 3/3/19 Lack of players
5/3/19 King Cross Normanton 10/3/19 lack of players
4/3/19 oulton kippax 10/3/19 lack of player due to injuries
4/3/19 keighley west bowling 10/3/19 player availability
7/3/19 Dewsbury Moor Siddal 10/3/19 lack of players
21/3/19 West Hull Siddal 14/4/19 players away
25/3/19 Keighley Albion East Hull 31/1/19 Team Struggling looking to move down divisions
26/3/19 Wetherby Stanley 31/3/19 low numbers late pp fine added
26/3/19 Normanton King Cross 19/5/19 Rhinos Challenge player shortage
27/3/19 Kippax Siddal 7/4/19 ski trip player availability
1/4/19 Stanningley West Hull 7/4/19 Shortage of players
1/4/19 Birkenshaw West Bowling 12/5/19 coaches away
1/4/19 Wetherby Emley moor 7/4/19 lack of coaches
4/4/19 Myton Birkenshaw 14/4/19 players in Catalans
8/4/19 Newsome Drighlington 14/4/19 lack of players school holidays
8/4/19 Cottingham Hunslet club parkside 14/4/19 coach unavailable
22/4/19 Drighlington Myton 28/4/19 Players away
22/4/19 New Earswick Wetherby 28/4/19 Players away
22/4/19 Sheffield Emley 28/4/19 Safeguarding issues
22/4/19 Brighouse Slaithwaite 28/4/18 no coaches
3/5/19 East Hull Newsom 19/5/19 Butlins festival
13/5/19 Stanningley Brotherton 19/5/19 Butlins
13/5/19 York Acorn Myton 19/5/19 Butlins
13/5/19 Featherstone Sheffield 19/5/19 Butlins
31/5/19 Skirlaugh Stanningley 2/6/19 Lack of players
3/6/19 Hunslet CP Shaw Cross blacks 9/6/19 coaches away
10/6/19 Birkenshaw Newsome 14/7/19 no coach
1/5/19 West Leeds Oulton 5/5/19 lack of players
8/6/19 Dewsbury Moor Skirlagh 6/6/19 lack of players
10/6/19 West Leeds Stanningley 16/6/19 lack of players
8/7/19 East Leeds Cottingham 14/7/19 lack of players
8/7/19 Brighouse Fryston 14/7/19 Lack of players
12/7/19 Siddal Kippax 21/7/19 lack of players
15/7/19 Castleford Panthers Newsome Panthers 21/7/19 lack of players
15/7/19 Normanton Knights Elland 21/7/19 lack of players
18/7/19 Milford Emley Moor 21/7/19 Late fine applied
18/7/19 Sheffield Hawks King Cross 21/7/19 Late fine applied
22/9/19 Brotherton Stanningley 29/9/19 lack of players
16/9/19 Newsome Hunslet 22/9/19 Late fine applied
23/9/19 Shaw Cross Reds Elland 29/9/19 lack of players


25.1 Teams will be allowed to postpone 2 league fixtures and this must not be against the same team. The 2 postponements may be taken regardless of which half of the season except on a cup weekend where games cannot be postponed.

25.2 Any team wishing to postpone a league fixture or other organised game shall make the application on the correct Official Request Form not later than 9pm on Tuesday preceding the fixture and inform the opposition.  The form must be with the Fixture Secretary and Fixture Co-ordinator to count (this should be done electronically).  If it fails to do so then it shall be fined £10 and forfeit the match to the opposing team with a score of 18-0 against.