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29th April 2020, 13:49 | 125

What does Rugby League mean to you?

We're asking you to share your stories...

In these most difficult of times, we have seen the very best of people, particularly within the great game of Rugby League.

Whether delivering food and prescriptions to the vulnerable, raising vital money for charities through marathon challenges, or simply offering support to anyone who may need it, Rugby League has stepped forward.

And now, as part of the sport’s 125th year celebrations, we’re asking everyone within the game to share what it means to them.

To get involved with these celebrations, as well as the chance to win a prize in doing so, all you need to do is share a video across the RFL’s social channels, explaining what Rugby League means to you, your friends, your family, and submit it using the hashtag ‘#WhatRLMeans’.

We’ll share the very best, alongside efforts from some familiar faces across the sport, as we all remind ourselves why we love this great game.

Ralph Rimmer, CEO of the RFL, said:

"I've always regarded the opportunity to work in Rugby League as a privilege; in my current role, it's also a major responsibility. The way the sport has responded to the current situation - among the greatest challenges it can have faced in the 125 years since the original breakaway - has reinforced those feelings. It's provided an opportunity to take stock, of what makes our sport special, and why we love it so much."

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