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23rd August 2019, 20:15 | ChampionSchools

Declan Patton's brother will be playing at Wembley too!

Declan Patton's brother will be playing at Wembley too!

Not only will Lee Westwood be walking out at Wembley as a proud coach of Great Sankey High School tomorrow, but he'll be a proud dad too, as two of his sons turn out on Challenge Cup Final day - Junior Westwood for his own Great Sankey side, and Declan Patton for Warrington Wolves.

"Last year, Junior was mascot for Dec when he walked out at Wembley so that was a very proud moment," said Lee.

"And we were saying 'just imagine playing with him in the same team when you're older!' But this is the next best thing I think, both playing in a final on the same day at Wembley.

"Rugby's been in the family’s blood since I was young," he added.

"It will be a very scpeial day.

"I coached Dec at Latchford Albion before becoming his scholarship coach at Warrington Wolves

"Then my youngest son came along and he wanted to start playing aged 6.

"I said I'd never do it again but there was no coach to coach them and he was tempted to go and play football, so I thought I don’t want that! I'll take over, so I've been with his team at Crosfields ever since really.

"And to see Junior following in his big brother's footsteps is a really proud dad moment.

Great Sankey had to come from behind to win their Wembley semi-final and Lee 'never had any doubt' Warrington would triumph over Hull FC to make it a Wembley double.

"Sankey left their worst game 'til last which made it really nerve-wracking! But they stuck together and came through. They're a really special team.

"Then we were just waiting for Dec to get over the line with Warrington. We were watching their semi-final on the edge of our seats and when they made it we went mad!

"It will be a fantastic day for the family on Saturday."