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27th March 2019, 06:53 | therfl

RFL seeking members for new Youth Board

RFL seeking members for new Youth Board

As part of our commitment to continue to engage young people in the sport, the RFL is setting up a Youth Board made up of 10 people aged between 18-21 who have a passion for the game.

The purpose of the Board is to provide advice on how best the RFL can engage with young people to support us to achieve our corporate goals.

The Board will also focus on a variety of projects and issues across the game including:

  • Improving the trust and confidence of young people in the RFL.
  • Ensuring young people are not discriminated against in terms of accessing Rugby League.
  • Promoting the work of the Youth Board and the RFL.

In addition, Board members will also be tasked to advise on how the RFL can improve communications with young people in the sport, better understand the concerns of young people and work with the RFL Executive Board to achieve the best outcomes for young people involved in Rugby League.

As a member of the Youth Board you will be expected to attend 4 meetings a year in either Leeds or Manchester plus attendance at some of the RFL's major events.

Board members will initially serve a one-year term, but this may be extended.

You will gain lots of valuable experiences in public speaking, networking, meetings and events, time management and personal development. We expect you to:

  • Be a member of "Our League" - the RFL's membership programme.
  • Have a passion for Rugby league and the growth of the sport
  • Be involved in the sport as a player, spectator, coach etc
  • Have the time to commit to the Board on an on-going basis
  • Have some experience of volunteering

To find out more about us or to apply online please see below:

 RFL Youth Board Advert 

 RFL Youth Board Online Application