Yorkshire Juniors

Fixture Secretary Co-ordinator

Michelle Huntington 

Contact number: 07920 023669

Email: FixturesCo-ordinator@yjyarl.co.uk

Contact Michelle for the Under 6 age group

For all other age groups, in the first instance contact the relevant fixture secretary - but if you are experiencing difficulties, have an urgent request please contact Michelle.

Under 7 & 8s

Sarah Trout

Contact number: 07966 663345


Under 7s:  7sfixtures@yjyarl.co.uk 

Under 8s:  8sfixtures@yjyarl.co.uk

Under 9s

Adele Jackson 

Contact number: 07411 471314

Email: 9sfixtures@yjyarl.co.uk

Under 10s

Bev Greenwood

Contact number: 07852 930416

Email:  10sfixtures@yjyarl.co.uk

Under 11s

Clive Senior

Contact number: 07505 077099

Email: 11sfixtures@yjyarl.co.uk


Under 12s

Paul Hardy

Contact number: 07745 458870

Email:  12sfixtures@yjyarl.co.uk

Under 13s

Sarah Brooks

Contact number: 07881 307697

Email:  13sfixtures@yjyarl.co.uk

Under 14s

Lee Trout 

Contact number: 07720 098475

Email:  14sfixtures@yjyarl.co.uk

Under 15s

Leanne Matthews

Contact number: 07533 392316

Email: 15sfixtures@yjyarl.co.uk

Under 16s

Leanne Oliver

Contact number: 07875 074190

Email:  16sfixtures@yjyarl.co.uk

Under 18s (including 17s)

Leanne Oliver

Contact number: 07875 074190

Email: 18sfixtures@yjyarl.co.uk

General Secretary

Donna Simons

Contact number: 07554 418873

Email: Secretary@yjyarl.co.uk

If you cannot reach the relevant fixture secretary and/or the fixtures co-ordinator, please contact Donna.