1st May 2019, 14:04 | masters

Nick enjoying his Masters at Huddersfield!

Nick enjoying his Masters at Huddersfield!

Nick Colion talks Masters Rugby League

Nick Corion sat down after a run out with Huddersfield Masters to talk about his Rugby League career and to discuss his love of Masters.

Now in his late forties, Nick is enjoying his Masters  "although it was a bit cold today!" He commented.

It was back in 1993 that Nick started playing Rugby League, having been invited with mates to train at Deighton Woolpack: Nick was the only one to turn up!

He quickly progressed from the second team to the first where he played for 5 or 6 years mainly in the second row.

Studies took Nick to Manchester University where he played Student Rugby League. Having moved to Hull, Brandsholme was his next team before he started again the play back in Huddersfield, this time playing for Lindley Swifts. Nick played in their Yorkshire Cup winning side.

As work demands took over and age started to catch up, Nick was briefly lost to Rugby League until a friend mentioned playing Masters.

Nick jumped at the chance to play again and has become a fixture in the Huddersfield Masters squad.

"Masters suited my desire to play and be part of team," Nick explained. "The Masters modifications mean players can have a good game and still get to work on Monday."

Nick emphasised: "Masters gives players the opportunity to be part of a team and to have the camaraderie that playing Rugby League, especially Masters, offers.

"I just want to play Masters as long as possible. You look at the other players in their 70s; they are an inspiration!"

"Every game has it's funny moments, but I think watching a younger player, in white or black shorts, making a break only to see they've been 'tackled' by a Gold shorter and having to come all the way back to play the ball!

"I enjoyed my Masters Rugby League and would recommend anyone, novice or experienced player, to give it a go,"

Nick concluded. Details of Masters available via mastersrugbyleague@gmail.com.