17th April 2019, 14:43 | masters

Hull Warriors Masters enjoy Catalan hospitality

Hull Warriors Masters enjoy Catalan hospitality

The south of France hosted Masters Rugby League once again with the visit of Hull Warriors Masters to the Galia Tots of Ille sur Tet, near Perpignan. Following the heavy rain of the previous week, the match was moved at the last minute from the Catalan Dragons’ Stade Gilbert Brutus to the beautiful setting of the Stade Jean Galia at Ille sur Tet.

With the Pyrenees in the back ground, the Hull Warriors Masters were royally welcomed to the birthplace of Rugby League in France. Before kick off, the two captains exchanged gifts: a pennant from the Hull Warriors and a commemorative plaque from the Galia Tots.

It was the Galia Tots first game since June 2018 and they were keen to put on a good show. Both teams contributed to a great game of Masters Rugby League played with some flair, skill and very much in the true Spirit of Masters.

Gerald Fabregas won the Galia Tots man of the match for his excellent performance guiding this team around the pitch. Hull Warriors man of the match award was won by hooker, Mark Baird, who in addition a some pin point passing and unfailing tacking excelled at undoing boot laces in scrums!

After the game, the players mixed whilst having a beer or two and a grill provided by the Galia Tots. The Spirit of Masters transcended the language issue as hand gestures and Google translate took over from spoken word!

Galia Tots' captain, Stephane Verne, was buzzing after the game, “ we have very much enjoyed the game and we thank the Hull Warriors Masters for travelling to play us. We are looking forward to the visit of the English Masters tour in June and to the Galia Tots visit to the English Masters National Festival in Blackpool in September.”

Justin Knaggs, Hull Warriors Masters team organiser, was very happy with the tour. “ It's been a fantastic opportunity for to travel across to Perpignan to play the Galia Tots with our first overseas trip in our club history. A big thanks goes to Stephane for organising the game. The game was played in the best Masters spirit and we are pleased that experienced Masters referee, Paul Field, was the man in the middle.”

The players from both teams met up again that evening at the Catalan Dragons and Hull game for which the Dragons had very kindly provided tickets.


The Gaila Tots continue their efforts to spread Masters in the region and look forward to more French players turning out at their Festival on 22nd June.