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Meet the SAG…

Chair – Steve Curtis, University of Hull

Student Representative – Dan Johnson, University of Sheffield

AU / SU Representative – Annie Potter, University of York

Premier League Representative – Keith Sandhu, University of Leeds

Tier 1 Representative – TBC

South of England Rep – TBC

BUCS Representative – Jenny Morris

RFL Representative – Adam Hughes, Higher Education Manager


The Rugby League Sports Advisory Group (SAG) is there to represent the views from across all Universities involved in University Rugby League to help implement positive change. Following on from the SAG’s input into getting the Rugby League 9’s programme onto the BUCS competition framework in 2015-16 some of the key things the SAG are looking to achieve moving forwards are;

  • Support and advocate University Rugby League throughout their network
  • Provide a support network and means of communication to the group of people they are representing so that the RFL can keep receiving up to date and live insight into the programme they are running
  • Comprehensive review of the current competition structure with recommendations sent to BUCS annually
  • Monitor and evaluate the new Rugby League 9’s programme in BUCS for the 2016/17 season, making recommendations for the 2017/18.
  • Support and advocate the RFL’s Strategy for Women and Girls Rugby League.