12th July 2019, 20:35 | south_west

County of Origin is Back!

County of Origin is Back!

Three years since its last outing, the Martin Roddy MBE Cup will be up for grabs again on Saturday 13th July as the South West League's County of Origin returns to the Rugby League calendar. Representatives from Devon and Cornwall will battle it out at Saltash RFC for the trophy and bragging rights in the region.

The game will kick off at 14:30 and will be a great opportunity to showcase the vast talent in the area. Each County has selected their squad for what is sure to be an action-packed fixture: 

Devon                                                                                                             Cornwall

                                                                                                            20 from:

Luke Knight                             (Tarka Storm RL)                                Stefan Osborne            (Cornish Rebels)

Josh Dore                               (Devon Sharks RLFC)                        James Martin              (Cornish Rebels)

Didi Inia                                   (Tarka Storm RL)                                Cody Armstrong            (Cornish Rebels)

Ben Gatehouse                       (Tarka Storm RL)                                Ben Plummer              (Cornish Rebels)

George Whiting                       (Tarka Storm RL)                                Andrius Zachorouas     (Cornish Rebels)

Jack Carlisle                           (Devon Sharks RLFC)                        Paul Saberton             (Cornish Rebels)

Joka Waqanivavalagi              (Tarka Storm RL)                                Matt Middlemiss            (Saltash Essayons)

Asesesala Cokanacagi           (Tarka Storm RL))                               Sam Rhodes               (Cornish Rebels)

Lewis Short                             (Teignbridge Trojans RLFC)               Martyn Lawrance            (Cornish Rebels)

Jon Ross                                 (Devon Sharks RLFC)                        Kaydan Michael            (Cornish Rebels)

Tom Holliday                           (Devon Sharks RLFC)                        Kyle Beasley               (Cornish Rebels)

Charlie Dore                            (Devon Sharks RLFC)                        Matt Nicholls               (Cornish Rebels)

Pete Billingham                       (Devon Sharks RLFC)                        Locryn Williams            (Cornish Rebels)

Andrew Kay                            (Tarka Storm RL)                                Peter Mabbott             (Cornish Rebels)

Reece Eury                             (Tarka Storm RL)                                Ethan Cox                   (Saltash Essayons)

Brandon Jones                        (Tarka Storm RL)                                Axel Nicks                   (Saltash Essayons)

Stef Archer                              (Teignbridge Trojans RLFC)               Max Frost                    (Saltash Essayons)

Will Sanders                            (Devon Sharks RLFC)                        Danny Snook              (Saltash Essayons)

Mounga Molisi                         (Devon Sharks RLFC)                        Jamie Clist                  (Saltash Essayons)

Ryan Chivers                          (Devon Sharks RLFC)                        Rob Walsh                  (Saltash Essayons)

                                                                                                            Jack Wickham             (Saltash Essayons)

                                                                                                            Kieran Hurrell              (Saltash Essayons)

                                                                                                            Sam Gilder                  (University of Gloucestershire/Cheltenham Phoenix)

                                                                                                            Ben Spear                   (Somerset Vikings)