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First-ever Player Development League fixture takes place

First-ever Player Development League fixture takes place

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Bassetlaw Bulldogs and Immingham Wasps made history this month as they took part in the country's first-ever Player Development League fixture. 

Nottinghamshire-based Bassetlaw were the hosts of the friendly fixture as they welcomed Immingham from Lincolnshire. 

The Player Development League was launched earlier this year, with the aim of giving more teams and more players an opportunity to play Rugby League. 

Since launching, over 80 teams have registered an interest. The opportunity to play merit league-style fixtures and take part in other Rugby League activity under the 'PDL' banner is open to youth and junior teams located anywhere in the country.

The focus is on teams and clubs who, for a variety of reasons, cannot commit to a full season.

The RFL has been pleased with the initial response to the launch of the PDL and is encouraging new teams as well as existing teams who perhaps do not have a squad size large enough to sustain a full season in one of the existing competitions, or those with large squads who may wish to give more game time to more players, to get in touch. 

Clubs - and potentially school teams - participating in other competitions could also benefit from playing the occasional PDL fixture, although formal competitions will always take priority and permission may be required.  

The emphasis will be on playing games rather than results. 

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