3rd July 2020, 10:55 | therfl

RFL launch new digital resources for coaches

RFL launch new digital resources for coaches

The RFL’s Performance and Coaching department has developed a number of new digital improvement resources for coaches.

Over the next 2 months, each new module will be added to the coach development group on OuRLearning Zone on a fortnightly basis.  

This invaluable online toolkit will provide the stakeholders of our game with access to share best practice with each other and engage in discussion to help each individual’s continuous personal development as they strive for success within our sport.

The resources developed are:

Primary Rugby League Games Coach

The Role of The Dummy Half

Defensive Cycle

Game Sense Coaching

Planning For Player Development


Dave Rotheram, the RFL’s Chief On-field Officer, explained:

“Our Coach Education department have been working on a number of digital resources to provide a programme of support for all our coaches involved in the delivery of Rugby League. 

"We are very excited about this new coach improvement resource and the impact it will have across the sport. The main aim of these new digital resources is to equip coaches with the knowledge and understanding to effectively support their players.  

"Through the RFL’s OuRLearning Zone platform, we are able to provide online access to these digital coach improvement resources which can be accessed through multiple media devices at the coaches’ convenience. 

"I’m sure it is going to prove an invaluable asset to the sport at all levels.”