16th March 2020, 09:26 | masters

Australian Masters cancel Ireland and UK tour due to coronavirus

Australian Masters cancel Ireland and UK tour due to coronavirus

After deliberating and consulting with stakeholders, including all the Australian Masters planning to tour the UK and Ireland in June/July this year, Masters of Rugby League Australia has today announced the cancellation of this year's planned tour in accordance with Australian Government protocols and guidelines covering the coronavirus outbreak.

CEO, Malcom Duncan, stated that he was: "sorry, it has come to this but it is out of hands. We have followed Government advice. There are too many variables, so we made the decision to cancel the tour this year."

Martin Flynn, Chair of Masters, received the news this morning: "It is very disappointing that this year’s tour has been cancelled although I fully agree with the decision based on the current global uncertainties," he commented.

"While a great deal of work has been done by many people on both sides of the world in preparation for the tour, people's health is more important and we can always meet again on and off the field next year.

"Once the situation around travel is clarified, we will start planning to invite our Australian friends to visit the UK for the 2021 Rugby League World Cup. In the meantime, we wish all Masters good health and keep the Masters spirit going through tough times ahead."