23rd July 2019, 09:26 | masters

Leigh Miners Womens Masters take to the field

Leigh Miners Womens Masters take to the field

West Yorkshire and York Lokos Masters were the hosts at West Leeds for the visit of the Leigh Miners Womens Masters team as they made the trek across the Pennines to play their very first game of Masters Rugby League.

Mina Patel at Leigh Miners has been organising introductory sessions for a few weeks and all the hard work of organising the team and getting the players together. Mina explained that the players were buzzing as they travelled across to their first game but that “all the nerves they had leading up to the game vanished as they were made to feel so welcome on the pitch.” She continued to enthuse about the experience - all the players absolutely loved it."

The game was well controlled by Masters referee Stephen Wattham who complimented the players on the spirit they played in and he was happy to have played his part in helping the new players with the Masters modifications.

Laura Wilson, who played in the combined West Yorkshire/York Lokos team was full of enthusiasm “today showed what Masters Rugby League is all about with two teams combining to make sure the game could happen. The mix of experienced and non experienced players was great and everyone left the pitch faith a smile."

As with all Masters games the final score is 0-0 and all the players can enjoy and after match drink and socialise. Players' Player of the Day for the W Yorkshire/York Lokos team was debutant and recently 30 year old Jade Orchard playing he first-ever game. For Leigh it came as no surprise that their Player of the Day went to Helen Murtagh.

The last word must go to another debutant, this time for the Leigh Miners Women: an enthusiastic round of applause for Angela Condliffe, a Rugby League spectator for over 30 years who only picked up a ball for the first time two weeks ago, walked out to play her very first game at the age of 72 and along side her daughter!

Angela said simply afterwards" "I would recommend anyone to have a go!"

Now that's the magic of Masters Rugby League.

And they are not finished yet, as a return game was being arranged and all the lasses were fully behind joining the men at the National Masters Festival in Blackpool on September 7th!

Womens Masters Lead is Kath Wilson. If you fancy getting involved contact Kath