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21st May 2020, 10:44 | ncl

NCL referee Ellis McCarthy running for RL Cares

NCL referee Ellis McCarthy running for RL Cares

National Conference League referee, Ellis McCarthy, is determined to do his bit for the charity Rugby League Cares and he wants you to get involved.

Ellis is running between everyone of the NCL clubs and their neighbours during his Lockdown exercise periods and he is hoping he can attract sponsorship along the way, as well as raising awareness not only of the charity, but of the 49 clubs within the flagship league of the Community Game.

“I just want people to know that there are Community Rugby League clubs out there who are struggling during the lockdown and that they are a vital part of the community that we cannot afford to lose" says Ellis, who now lives in St Helens, but is originally from Yorkshire where he played for Castleford Lock Lane as a junior before taking up refereeing.

“Hopefully the clubs and their players will follow my progress and give me some support along the way. I will give mentions to those following me in my progress blogs and hopefully raise some much needed cash for RLCares.

“In total I am going to run 162 miles, although I won't be putting my followers or indeed myself through the agony of having to run some of the extremely long distances between clubs in the different counties. In essence, I am trying to run as much as I can within the one to two hour exercise periods. Hopefully it well help me stay fit for when the season resumes, and I can get back into refereeing.”

Ellis is a Grade 2 referee, who officiates National Conference league matches, as well as working as a touch judge for Championship and Super League.

His Just Giving page can be found here, and he intends to start his marathon run this coming Monday 25th May, when he will commence his run in Hull and around Yorkshire over the first seven days.

Should you wish to work with Ellis, then drop him an email on, where he will be delighted to hear from you.

Get behind Ellis and enjoy doing following or supporting him along the way. You may even wish to do it with him at a safe social distance! 


Ellis’s running schedule:




Day 1: Beverley to Myton = 6 miles

Day 2: Myton to Hull Dockers then to Skirlaugh = 8 miles

Day 3: Skirlaugh to West Hull = 8 miles 

Hull complete

Day 4: Rest day


Day 5: Heworth to York Acorn = 4 miles


Day 6: Lock Lane to Featherstone Lions then to Normanton Knights = 8 miles

Day 7: Normanton Knights to Eastmoor Dragons = 4 miles 

Day 8: Rest day

Dewsbury & Batley:

Day 9: Batley Boys to Shaw Cross Sharks then to Thornhill Trojans = 6 miles

Day 10: Thornhill Trojans to Dewsbury Moor then to Dewsbury Celtic = 4 miles


Day 11: Oulton Raiders to Hunslet Warriors to Hunslet Club to East Leeds = 8 miles

Day 12: East Leeds to Milford Marlins then to Stanningley = 7 miles

Day 13: Rest day


Day 14: Drighlington to Bradford Dudley Hill then to West Bowling = 6 miles


Day 15: Siddal to Underbank Ranger = 13 miles 

Day 16: Rest Day



Rochdale & Oldham:

Day 17: Saddleworth Rangers to Waterhead then to Oldham St Annes = 6 miles

Day 18: Oldham St Annes then to Rochdale Mayfield = 7 miles

Day 19: Rest Day


Day 20 (am): Crosfields to Woolston = 4 miles

St Helens: 

Day 20 (pm): Clockface to Thatto Heath then to Pilkington Recs = 6 miles

Leigh & Wigan:

Day 21: Leigh East to Leigh Miners to Ince Rose Bridge to Wigan St Pats then to Wigan St Judes = 12 miles 

Day 22: Rest Day



Day 23: Barrow Island to Askam = 6 Miles

Day 24: Start the Askam to Millom run. = 8 miles (Will do across two days.)

Day 25: Finish Askam to Millom = 8 miles

Day 26: Rest Day

Day 27: Egremont to Watch Brow to Hensigham then to Kells = 8 miles

Day 28: Rest Day



Day 29: Gateshead Storm to Gateshead International Stadium = 7 miles