7th April 2016, 15:59 | play

Touch RL teams invited to NEW Coast to Coast competition

Coast to Coast is a brand new competition from the Play Touch RL team at the RFL, with events in Scarborough (23 April); Featherstone (9 July) and Blackpool (10 September).  

The Coast to Coast competition is for groups of friends, colleagues, current and former team mates – new and existing Touch RL teams and players alike. It’s a fantastic chance for everyone to get involved in Play Touch Rugby League.

Teams are a max of 14 players (minimum of x10 is recommended) with 6 people playing at a time. The events will take place between 9am and 4pm. With music and entertainment throughout the day, it’s a great way to get together - with plenty of time to round off your day with an evening out with friends.  

Thomas Brindle is Business Development Manager for Play Touch Rugby League.

“Coast to Coast is one of the ways we are supporting more playing opportunities in Touch Rugby League. Whether you’re an existing Touch team or a new group – you’ll get a friendly Rugby League welcome at Coast to Coast.

“Touch Rugby League was born out of Rugby League and now it’s a great way to keep involved in the game, or to start playing our sport. In fact, all Touch is Rugby League. After all, if you’re playing six tackles and playing the ball – you’re playing Rugby League! Come and join us.”

Get involved….in Coast to Coast:

Cost: Team entry - £150 per tournament or £400 for entry to all 3 tournaments

Includes: Minimum of 5 games (15/20 minute games); Lunch provided; DJ/Music

Plus: Registration; Introduction/warm up; Pool games; Championship games; Finals; Award Ceremony