Rugby League

Rob Hicks

I first joined the RFL in February 2011 to fulfil my dream of officiating at the highest level in the sport. Until this time I had practiced law in a high street firm in Oldham whilst officiating on a weekend.

Stuart and Karen were very supportive to allow me to continue to fulfil both roles with my primary focus being on my officiating whilst also carrying out two days a week within the Legal Department at the RFL. Obviously, I had to ensure there were no conflicts of interest so my main legal roles were safeguarding and the 2013 Rugby League World Cup. What an experience that was!

From there I have carried out various roles within the Ops and Legal team to try and further my skills and expertise. The RFL have always been supportive of both my careers ensuring that I balance the roles and undertake all training to make sure I was ready for life off the field.

As a result I was able to officiate major finals, officiate on four continents and play my part in some of the best matches of Rugby League. Whilst now I can focus on furthering my legal career and use all the skills I have developed to improve and support the sport from off the field.