The England Talent Pathway (ETP) as a provision for teachers is delivered locally through a network of England Player Development Schools.

To be an ETP Delivery School a teacher within a school makes contact with the ETP team and attends a specific ETP teacher CPD event.

The events are delivery locally through England Player Development Partners. From here the school will submit their plan and agree to deliver ETP in curriculum.

The Rugby Football League will assist to ensure they are supported to deliver mental skills, movement skills, coachability and game sense within their lessons.

Your school may also get the opportunity to get involved via the Sky Try programme.

The teacher CPD is a single block to be attended that provides the teacher a key stage 3 approved curriculum resource containing 8 lessons per year.

The attending Teacher attending becomes an accredited England Player Development Teacher. This sits within the ETP philosophy to develop coaches to develop players.

The teachers are additionally supported to assist their players to profile themselves via the online resource.

Part of becoming an England Player Development School requires the teaching network, via the Youth Sport Trust and School Game Organiser, to provide a localised competition opportunity that links to regional and national competition.

This runs parallel to the existing Champion Schools competition offer and is exclusive to accredited England Player Development Schools.

Accredited schools will also have exclusive opportunities with England RL including the chance to take part in England RL research and events.