Grant Funding Organisations

The Rugby Football League is committed to helping clubs with funding needs.....the team is here to support you.

Community clubs need funding to develop and grow.

Every aspect of running a club, from improving facilities to providing new kit; paying insurance to hiring training facilities - is dependent on clubs having sufficient money to remain sustainable.

Top tips for successfully securing funding for your club


  • Read the pre-application guidance: Make sure you have checked that your application meets the criteria of the grant, and ensure that you align your submission as closely as possible to the investors’ criteria.
  • Tell a story: Make you application stand out from the others and show how it will really make a difference to people in your community. Detail how the funding will lead to sustainable delivery and the long-term impacts it could have.
  • Contact the investor to check over the application or to ask any questions: This shows that you are keen and good at using your initiative. It also offers the opportunity for valuable feedback and most importantly starts to build a relationship between you and the investing body, which in turn gives you credibility
  • Leave plenty of time between submission and project start time: This allows you to troubleshoot if funding isn’t received and gives you time to make sure all key partnerships are in place and debriefed.
  • Show that the project won’t waste money: Most community projects aren’t designed to make money, but at the same time, it’s important to show the investor that yours won’t be needlessly wasting it. If it was your money, would you invest on a wasteful project?
  • Build relationships: It is extremely important that you show that any potential funding will not only impact on your organisation, but also the wider community and any partner programme, if applicable.
  • Do your research: Do you know about other funding and similar organisations or clubs in your area that have applied for funding. Speak to these clubs to find out what they did to secure the funding.
  • How will you promote what you are doing? Consider including a brief statement in the bid about how you will promote the funding received and what the communication plan is and how you will promote the new scheme.
  • Ensure your submission is error-free: Make sure your spelling, grammar and match are consistent throughout the document. Do not leave your application until the closing date and make sure to keep copies of the submission, in case you need to use them for further reference.


Below is a list of funding organisations that clubs can apply to.

*Please note that The Rugby Football League and Rugby League World Cup 2021 doesn’t take responsibility an external sources of funding listed and acknowledges this is not an exhaustive list.