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12th April 2021, 21:22 | disciplinary

Disciplinary | Match Review Panel

Disciplinary | Match Review Panel

The Leeds forward Zane Tetevano will appear at an Operational Rules Tribunal on Tuesday on a Grade D charge of striking after his dismissal in Saturday’s Betfred Challenge Cup defeat at St Helens. Following Monday’s meeting of the Match Review Panel, a number of other players have also been charged:

Liam Byrne (Wigan) - Dangerous Contact  Grade B - 1 Match Penalty Notice

Tyme Dow-Nikau (York) - Shoulder Charge Grade A - 0 Match Penalty Notice

Kelepi Tanginoa (Wakefield) - High Tackle Grade B - 1 Match Penalty Notice

Luke Yates (Huddersfield) - Dangerous Contact Grade A - 0 Match Penalty Notice

Tom Lineham (Warrington) - Strikes off the ball Grade C - 3 Match Penalty Notice

Deane Meadows (Swinton) - Shoulder Charge Grade B - 1 Match Penalty Notice

The following players were handed cautions: 

James Green (York) - Use of Knees

Matt Gee (Leigh) - Dangerous Contact

Jack Wells (Salford) - Dangerous Throw


Match Review Panel Minutes April 12