22nd July 2019, 11:33 | championship

Reaction from Toronto's Betfred Championship triumph

Reaction from Toronto's Betfred Championship triumph

The Wolfpack lifted the Betfred Championship League Leaders' Shield

Toronto Wolfpack sealed their second successive Betfred Championship League Leaders’ Shield with a 19-24 victory over Widnes Vikings on Sunday evening.

Toronto Wolfpack prop-forward Ashton Sims was pleased to seal the Betfred Championship League Leaders’ Shield but was keen to point out the Canadian side hadn’t yet completed their end goal.

Sims said: “We ended up getting the trophy today, but we got the trophy last year and didn’t achieve our ultimate goal. It’s nice to get the trophy but there’s a lot of work ahead of us.

“We’ve got a few old heads who were here last year and lost the Million Pound Game and I know that’s a burning desire for us to progress forward and go one better. 

“I think this is year is definitely tougher than last year which is a good thing for us. We were getting a lot of bigger wins last year and probably went into the Super 8s maybe a little over confident.  

“We are happy with the way our game is going and we’ve still got a lot of improving to do and we’re going to savour this win, but we know there’s a lot of work ahead.” 

The Wolfpack’s Head Coach Brian McDermott, speaking to Sky Sports, said: “I can’t wait to get back to Toronto and, to our fans in Canada, we’ll do something for you as well. 

“We’re pleased to have wrapped it up, but I don’t to trivialise it. To be top of the three after the regular season is great and we’ve done that. But the bigger picture for us is the Grand Final and that’s what we’re steering towards.”

Eric Perez founded Toronto Wolfpack back in 2016 and was in attendance to see Brian McDermott’s men lift the Betfred Championship League Leaders’ Shield. 

Perez said: “It’s a long road when you start a team from scratch and while I’m not day-to-day with the Wolfpack anymore I’m proud of everything that they do. Brian McDermott, Brian Noble, the staff and the players have all worked hard and deserve it. 

“This is just one step; the next step is the play-offs and it’s going to be a tough play-offs and Widnes are representative of all the teams in this. The Championship is one of – if not the – most exciting competitions in Rugby League today even with everything going on in Australia.” 

Toronto Wolfpack Captain Josh McCrone praised game-winner Anthony Mullally in his post-match interview with Sky Sports.

“Individually, [Anthony] Mullally was enormous for us, he really stood up.

“It was a really tough game against a really strong team. This is perfect because we are still not playing the exact footy that we want to play so we want contests every week.”