2nd December 2020, 17:30 | halifax_panthers

Halifax rebrand as Panthers

Halifax rebrand as Panthers

Betfred Championship side Halifax have undergone a rebrand which will now see them referred to as the Halifax Panthers. 

The name change coincides with a new club crest, the release of their 2021 playing kits which have aspects of the new ‘Panthers’ name incorporated and the launch of a new website.

The five-time Challenge Cup winners previously rebranded between 1996 and 2002 adopting the moniker of the ‘Blue Sox’ but have recently reverted to their traditional coat of arms. However, this announcement sees the club take a radical step back away from tradition.

The rebrand has been overseen by Halifax Panthers Media and Marketing Director Lee Kenny, who founded the Halifax-based business Snowflake Media Group.

Kenny said: “Since arriving at the club, I have worked with my fellow board members to identify ways to drive the club forward, and a major rebrand felt like a necessary step forward that needed to be taken to bring us in line with the world’s major sporting brands.

“As a club, we fully understand the fans’ fondness for the old coat of arms, which is naturally representative of our town. But the new Panthers brand provides a fantastic platform from which we can launch our vision of bringing the glory days back to The Shay.

“Halifax is one of the most famous names in the sport and the club is a huge focal point of our region, but it’s now more than 30 years since our last major trophy and as a business we simply cannot afford to stand still.

“The new moniker, logo and wider brand will open up many new opportunities for marketing and engagement that simply weren’t there under our old identity. We are confident that our fans, sponsors and other stakeholders will embrace this as a positive and significant day in the club’s 147-year history.” 

Halifax’s rebranding came alongside a CCTV campaign which saw a panther prowling around recognisable Halifax landmarks.

On the campaign, Kenny said: “The CCTV campaign was a major success, and we are delighted with the coverage and interest it generated in the lead-up to today’s announcement. 

“We worked on the campaign in collaboration with our friends at the Halifax Courier, Piece Hall, Dean Clough & Eclipse Energy and the footage and coverage was so authentic that we succeeded in fooling quite a few people.

“On top of the excellent publicity generated, we hope that today’s announcement will also reassure locals that it’s safe to return to their town centre after the national lockdown rules are relaxed!”