5th May 2020, 14:26 | Leigh

Leigh Centurions donate 10k to help COVID-19 response

Leigh Centurions donate 10k to help COVID-19 response

Betfred Championship side Leigh Centurions have donated £10,000 to the ‘Leigh hub’, which will go towards supplying food and other essential items helping to boost the Wigan Borough’s COVID-19 response efforts.

Leigh Centurions Owner, Derek Beaumont, said: “The club is dependent on the community and I have always said we are just custodians of the club helping it to steer it so it’s important to ensure we help those in need during these times.

“I’m delighted the club has made this pledge for a fantastic support system in Leigh’s community hub.

“The real champions are the staff and volunteers that are engaging with the public and transforming the money into something which makes a huge difference to people.

The Centurions have joined a host of businesses and organisations who have also donated to help boost the hubs and improve the COVID-19 response.

Companies have provided food parcels, canned goods and vouchers while others have helped to provide much-needed PPE for local care homes.

Leader of Wigan Council, Coun David Molyneux, said: “The response we have seen from all sections of the community across the borough has been fantastic and we continue to be extremely grateful to every single business and organisation that has offered help in any way they can.”

For more information on how to stay involved and engaged with Rugby League during these difficult times, click here.