24th March 2020, 15:41 | Warrington

Blake Austin's 'Isolation Goals'

Blake Austin's 'Isolation Goals'

Warrington Wolves star Blake Austin has outlined his plan to make the most of the next few weeks as the country battles with the Coronavirus outbreak.

With sports stars across the UK not allowed to head out unless for exercise once a day or for essentials, the former Canberra Raiders halfback has set himself some 'isolation goals'.

"I've set three isolation goals that will ensure I come out of isolation better than I went in," he said in a post on Instagram.

"At almost 30 years of age I’ve never known how to cook. I'm going to use this time to add three dishes to my resume."

He added: "As it stands I only read on game day, all ways found it takes my mind off the coming game. I want to expand this to 30 minutes per day.

"And coming off the shortest pre-season I've ever endured due to a Great Britain tour, I’m going to hit the pavement every second day, to get in tip top shape.

"I want to challenge you all to write down three goals and tag me [blakeaustin6 on Instagram].

"Let's keep tabs on how we are going accomplishing them, I recommend a bit of physical activity (doesn’t have to be much) is included somewhere."

Blake Austin's Isolation Goals:
1. Be able to cook three dinner meals by the end of isolation
2. Read for 30 minutes every day of isolation
3. Go on a road run every second day of isolation