In 2019, the Rugby Football League has introduced a number of new rules and guidelines, aimed at speeding up the game and making it a more important watch for everyone involved.

Time Management: Scrums and Drop-Outs

Championship and Cup Competitions

- 35 second Countdown introduced for scrums
- 30 second Countdown introduced for Drop Outs

(In cup games without an appointed RFL Timekeeper this will not apply)


League 1

The teams will get the ball back into play in a timely manner at scrums and drop outs.  If a team is deliberately delaying restarts, then the referee will warn the team captain on the run, so not to delay the game.  If this occurs again, the referee will penalise the player delaying the restart.

Golden Point

Championship & League 1

- No Golden Point in regular season league games

- In Play offs, Golden Point shall be played for games that end after 80 minutes where the scores are level. It will be played in periods of 5 minutes. Where a point is scored, the game will end.


Championship, League 1 and Cup Competitions

- Each team shall be allowed to make 8 interchanges from the four replacements that are named on the official team sheet.

- In the event of a Golden Point game, each team will receive an additional 2 interchanges, alongside any unused interchanges

- Each team will have a set of interchange cards that will be numbered 1-10 plus concussion interchange cards.