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4 Apr 2024

Masters Rugby League celebrates 2024 season launch

Masters Rugby League celebrates 2024 season launch

Masters Rugby League recently celebrated one of its biggest launch weekends ever with four season launch festivals taking place across the country to mark the beginning of the 2024 season.

Arlecdon Rams hosted the Cumbrian Event which saw an incredible 73 players take to the pitch. Teams including Arlecdon, Maryport, Carlisle and Barrow attended along with a guest team made up of North East Thunder Masters and Catterick Crusaders. 

In Lancashire, Wigan St Jude’s oversaw the festivities and there was extra celebration with five dedicated women’s teams taking part alongside clubs such as Ashton Bears, Spring View and Portico Vine.

11 clubs took part in the Yorkshire event organised by Allan Dunham and this year’s launch saw a massive increase in participation with over 120 players from 12 different teams represented.

There was also plenty going on in the South as Royal Navy hosted their event in Portsmouth with 37 players taking part in matches throughout the day.

Yorkshire Masters Representative, Allan Dunham, explains: “We had a far better attendance than 2023 and I couldn’t have asked for anymore from the event. Guiseley were awarded team of the day for coming with five players, and Neil Mattison from Castleford was our Master of the Day and Simon Robinshaw was Referee of the Day.”

Southern Masters Representative, Adie Smith, says: “I’d like to thank all those who travelled and turned up. Especially Royal Navy and their very generous hospitality, the whole event was a huge success for Masters in the South!”

Women’s Lead, Mina Patel, adds: “I’m so pleased we got to host the first Women's Masters Festival, this was the largest number of female players at any event to date. The day was played in the true Masters spirit with players from other teams combining with those who needed a few extra numbers in order to play. There were two brand new teams in attendance in the form of Golborne and Heysham who thoroughly enjoyed the day and are raring to play again.”

With the 2024 season now well under way, clubs are looking forward to a further five regional festivals which will take place throughout the year before the National Festival in September. A full list of those dates can be found via Masters RL (

Don’t worry if you missed any of the launch weekend action, you can catch up via RFL Community here!