Rugby League


30 Oct 2023

Regional X-League event taking place next Saturday

 Regional X-League event taking place next Saturday

A regional X-League event will take place next Saturday at Sheffield Hallam University Sports Park from 10am with registrations now open for teams and players to get involved. 

X-League is a fast-paced, all-action, limited contact variation of the game part of the Rugby Football League’s social offer which also includes Masters, Tag and Touch. 

Saturday’s event will bring X-League players from across the country together to celebrate Rugby League’s newest offering.

X-League is:

  • aims for broad participation across different ages, gender, fitness levels and experience;
  • can be a steppingstone into and out of full contact Rugby League;
  • has both competitive and social elements;
  • is limited contact and its purpose is skill improvement; 
  • tackles are made by touching the ball;
  • is played 7-a-side, with a 60m x 40m pitch and 20-minute games with no halftime.  


RFL Social Officer, Bradley Kelk, explains: “X-League is played like Rugby League, but the key difference between X-League and other variants is the ‘limited contact’ which is effectively made by touching the ball. The ball carrier can fend off and protect the ball, but they cannot deliberately change the momentum of others by pushing, pulling, barging or carry the ball above head height.”

“Our regional event on Saturday should be fantastic, the format is really exciting, and I would really encourage players and teams whether they be existing or new to come along and take part.”

The action on Saturday will kick off at 10.30am. To find out if there is a X-League RL club near you, or if you are interested in attending the event, please contact