Midlands Hurricanes

11 May 2022

Statement | Midlands Hurricanes

Statement | Midlands Hurricanes

Richard Squires, the coach of Midlands Hurricanes, has been suspended from all Rugby League activity for three months from May 9 after breaching the RFL’s Operational Rules regarding betting on the sport.

One month of the sentence has been suspended until the end of 2023, meaning he will be eligible to return on July 9.

The RFL were alerted in March that Mr Squires had been betting on Rugby League matches, including those involving his own club. A Compliance investigation found him guilty of breaching a number of Operational Rules, including the Betting and related activity Code of Conduct which states that “Placing, accepting, laying or otherwise entering into any wager, bet or other form of financial speculation with any individual, company, organisation or other body in relation to the result, progress, conduct or any other aspect of any Match, Competition or Event” constitutes an offence of misconduct.

The sentence reflects the fact that Mr Squires complied fully and quickly with the case, accepted his guilt from the outset, and showed regret for his actions during a period when he was suffering personal problems.

He was aware of the relevant regulations having completed the section of the Rugby League’s Education module relating to gambling.

The RFL accept that he did not bet against his club (Midlands Hurricanes in 2022 or Coventry Bears in 2021), and that he has not made any profit on bets placed on Rugby League matches.