9th March 2021, 15:16 | hunslet_rlfc

New Rugby League Podcast tackles the big talking points

New Rugby League Podcast tackles the big talking points

Hunslet have today launched a new podcast, Rugby League Tackles – aiming to appeal to fans throughout the game.

Each week, Rugby League Tackles will bring you the latest talking points and interviews with some of the most prominent names across Rugby League.

Early guests include sport finance expert Dr Rob Wilson covering the big opportunities for the sport, former Leeds and England forward Stevie Ward speaking about his career and tackling mental health and wellbeing, as well as the RFL’s Tom Brindle and Women’s Rugby League legend Lois Forsell discussing the prospects for the women’s and girls’ game.

Philip Crampton, who recently joined Hunslet as Marketing Director, said: 

"We created Rugby League Tackles with the ambition to tackle the biggest issues, opportunities and names in the sport which are of interest to all fans in the UK and beyond.

“Podcast listenership in the UK continues to increase with nearly 16m listeners in 2020 and it is a really convenient solution to digest bite-sized content and appeal to the next generation of Rugby League fans.

“With some of the biggest names lined up to take part coupled with the ease to access the content via Spotify and Apple Podcasts, we are hopeful it will become the go-to content hub for all Rugby League fans."

The first three episodes of Rugby League Tackles are available now on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Podcasts and Google Podcasts. Search for 'Rugby League Tackles’ on your regular podcast provider.