5th January 2021, 16:20 | ourleague

#OURLEAGUETEAM2020 Announced!

#OURLEAGUETEAM2020 Announced!

As voted for by the Our League Membership, your #OurLeagueTeam2020 has a very St Helens flavour about it. All but 4 of the positions are filled with Saints first teamers - plus, Head Coach Kristian Woolf claimed the Coach of the Year through the public vote. The polls saw 13,392 votes over the course of the week, with the most-voted-on poll coming in the Loose Forward category.

The team of the year is as follows:

1. Bevan French
2. Tommy Makinson
3. Kevin Naiqama
4. Konrad Hurrell
5. Regan Grace
6. Johnny Lomax
7. Aidan Sezer
8. Alex Walmsley
9. James Roby
10. James Graham
11. Liam Farrell
12. James Bentley
13. Morgan Knowles
Head Coach: Kristian Woolf

Wigan's Bevan French and Liam Farrell made the team with Leeds' Konrad Hurrell picking up the left centre position and Huddersfield's Man of Steel candidate, Aidan Sezer, in the halves.

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